Two Rush Health Systems Clinic Operations Directors First to Receive Mississippi Rural Health Fellow Accreditations

Newly named Mississippi Rural Health Fellows - Zach Allen, Sharon Turcotte and Susan CampbellNewly named Mississippi Rural Health Fellows - Zach Allen, Sharon Turcotte and Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell and Sharon Turcotte, both Rush Health Systems’ Clinic Operations Directors were honored by The Mississippi Rural Health Association.  They were the first to be named as Mississippi Rural Health Fellows at the annual Rural Health Clinic Conference on Friday, May 6, in Jackson. The Mississippi Rural Health Association is a non-profit organization that aims to provide resources, education and advocacy in support of rural health-related matters throughout the state. The Mississippi Rural Health Association is the first to offer a rural health specific credential.  The MRHF and MRHSF credentials were created to reward healthcare professionals and students in their efforts to become experts in rural health and improve the lives of rural Mississippians.

Sharon Turcotte and Susan Campbell from Rush Health Systems and Zach Allen from Children’s International Medical Group received the Mississippi Rural Health Fellow (MRHF.) Logan Ramsey, a University of Mississippi Medical School student, received the Mississippi Rural Health Student Fellow (MRHSF.)

“I am honored to be a member of the Mississippi Rural Health Association and to be awarded the Mississippi Rural Health Fellow,” said Turcotte. “The fellowship represents the association’s commitment and allows me the opportunity to network, learn and share best practices with experts in the field or rural health.”

Healthcare professionals receiving the MRHF have a three-year credential, have at least three years of rural-specific professional experience, have completed a minimum of 75 hours of MRHF continuing education over the three-year period prior to application, and have completed a quality improvement project specific to their respective rural community in Mississippi. Students receiving the MRHSF have completed the like but require no professional experience.

By obtaining the first accreditation of its kind, recipients of the MRHF and MRHSF credentials will establish that they have the expertise in the rural healthcare field and are committed to improving rural health.  Recipients of the MRHF credentials will be connected with other rural health professionals and invited to exclusive events and networking activities. If interested in the association or becoming a Mississippi Rural Health Fellow, visit